4 Ways To Find A Good Auto Body Repair Shop – North Perth Car Mechanics

Posted on November 11, 2014 · Posted in Car Mechanics Services

There are many reasons why people go to an auto body shop. Some go to have their car repainted, while others go there to fix major collision damage. Its natural for estimates and service quality to vary from one shop to another. What’s important is that vehicle owners have an idea of the real costs, and determine the difference between one shop and another.

Here are a number of valuable tips on how to find a good car mechanic in Australia.

Pay Attention To Your Referrals

In the search for the right North Perth car mechanics, it’s quite normal to get varying estimates from different mechanics. Some could give you a $5,000 estimate, while others will only ask for $2,500 for the whole job. So, should you go for the cheaper car repair service? It would perhaps be much better if you pay close attention to the referrals given to you by close friends, co-workers, friends and relatives.

If the Perth car repair service referred to you is not the biggest or the most popular shop in town, then perhaps it was referred to you because it’s a family-owned shop. You might get a fair price, and you’ll get personalized service from the owner who’ll work on the car himself.

Carefully Scrutinise The Shop’s Location and Overhead Costs

According to veteran Perth autobody repairs experts, many unsuspecting auto repair clients often get screwed on hidden overhead charges.

Usually, the large, glitzy auto repair shops that have lots of front-office staff are likely to charge higher rates (since the extra charges will be used to pay the extra staff). Before agreeing to anything, make sure you ask for a clear estimate or quote too, so you can check if the package is padded with a lot of non-essential work.

Ask The Right Set of Questions

When searching for the best car body repair Perth shop, don’t just go there acting like you know everything about auto repairs. Make sure you go in smart, and ask the right set of questions. Ask the shop owner or chief mechanic if they provide written warranties, and what their warranties cover.

In general, a one or two-year warranty would be the minimum, either for body work or for complete paint jobs and other services. Next, ask the auto repair service if they carry fire and theft insurance. This ensures that if ever thieves break into the shop, or if a fire breaks out, you will be fully compensated for any damage incurred on your vehicle.

Check The Quality of Materials Used

Before signing any vehicle repair or enhancement work, find out if the shop is using new, or second-hand parts. Depending on the type of damage to your vehicle, the shop may decide to use either original manufacturer spare parts, or “aftermarket” parts. Just make sure that the shop gets all its parts from reliable, high-quality suppliers.

When looking for reliable North Perth mechanics, always follow your intuition. If you visit a shop and it’s not busy, then maybe people are avoiding it because the repair work is lackluster. If the shop is disorganized and untidy, then the shop owner and staff could be as dull and disorganized too. If the performance mechanics Perth shop owner is transparent and straightforward with its customers, then you’ll perhaps be happier bringing your car here.