Reasons of a Car Breakdown

Cars made a huge impact in our history. It can be a lifesaver; but it can take a life as well. Nevertheless, we can’t change what has already happened but we can learn from the past.

Car accidents occur because of ignorant and careless drivers. However, what is sad is that a company known as North Perth Mechanics found out that a huge number of car accidents happen because of car breakdowns. Stupidity on the road is hard to mend but car breakdowns can easily be prevented.

It is frightening to know that the safest drivers can cause accidents because of vehicular problems. These things can be avoided and here are the reasons and signs on a car that is about to break down:

The Battery

The number one cause of car breakdowns is damaged battery. There are many signs that your battery is about to lose its life. One is that screeching sound your car makes during start up. Another is low power dim lights.

In addition, batteries also end up dead because of repeated short distance travels. So, make it a habit to pump up your battery by taking long distance travels. Corrosion can also affect your battery. This can easily be fixed by putting oil to make it corrosion free.


Malfunctioned brakes are usually the most terrifying problem in a car. Make sure that your brake fluid is changed every two years. The signs are usually easy to spot. These include brake pedals that are too soft and when you hear squeaky noises.


Another common reason why cars break down is by gassing their car with the incorrect fuel. This is a very common case and can do huge impact on your car’s performance. In relation to fuels, running out of fuel is also a common cause of car breakdowns.

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Finding a Reliable Mechanic – North Perth Mechanics

Having lots of trouble with your car lately? Manifold Gasket leaks, faulty spark plugs, poor acceleration, or unusual car noises? Looks like it’s time to get that engine looked at. When it comes to our cars, we want the best motor engineers and repairers to handle the job.

Even minor problems can endanger you and your passengers. Making sure that it’s in perfect condition may be pricy but worth every penny. If you want to find the best mechanics in Perth, you’ve come to the right place.

In repairing cars, having a go-to mechanic is a must and finding a good one can be challenging. Their role is to diagnose the problem accurately and quickly bring your car back in perfect condition. Vehicle maintenance is a fundamental part of their job.

1. Meet your car. It’s essential to learn all the basics – specifications, the type of motor, tires and the proper care it needs. Some specialised mechanics only deal with a specific model of car. If you know what you’re talking about, repairs will be fast.

2. Look before you need one. Start looking for car mechanics before any car trouble comes your way. Just imagine yourself with a dead car and no one to call. North Perth car experts recommend finding a mechanic the moment you get a new automobile.

3. Use dealership. If your car is under warranty, it’s best to bring your car at your own dealership. Aside from quality results, mechanics are trained for your vehicle’s technology. If you own a used car, you can trust your local dealer to do the job.

4. Look for certifications. An ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified mechanic means he’s had at least two years of full-time and hands-on experience on giving car mechanical services. It’s a pretty good indication that he has knowledge of what he’s doing.

5. Ask friends. Word of mouth is always a good source. Ask friends or neighbours who have the same car model as you and list down their picks. If the name of a single shop pops out numerous times, it means they’re doing something right. Give them a call.

Maintenance may be nothing more than occasional oil change or checking the fuel tank but it can prevent major car problems. According to North Perth car mechanics, regular vehicle maintenance will ensure maximum performance.

1. Increase safety. Your life is depended on your car while on the road. If the car’s condition is impaired, it risks the safety for you, your passengers and other people on the road. Inspection for any irregularities is part of car maintenance.

2. Boost performance. A well-maintained car definitely operates better. A simple task of changing the oil on a regular basis helps the engine run smoothly. On top of that, it can lower your future costs for car maintenance.

3. Extend lifespan. Every car is an investment and every owner wants it to last. Vehicle checks are done to prevent rather than repair. A good Perth car service should include: checking fluid levels, lights, brakes, tire pressure and battery. Your car can serve you better, longer.

From motor car repairs, auto parts recycling, motor replacement parts, smash repairs to wheels and rims, North Perth Mechanics has it all figured out. Experience is the top factor why our mechanics are extraordinary. Taking care of your vehicle is what we do best.

Your Car Also Needs Help

mechanics in Perth

Having problems with your car and can’t seem to fix it? Do you hear unusual sounds when you’re driving around town? Do the same things still happen after getting it fixed again and again?  Refrain from giving yourself a headache! Call a trusty mechanic right away!

Auto-mechanics will only tell you what you want to hear.  That’s why there are trained mechanics in Perth that are well-equipped by the ins and outs of a vehicle.  Explain to them the glitches you are encountering and they’ll be happy to take it from there.  They are dependable and will always make sure that your car is safe.

What could be the possible complications of an automobile? Numerous! Here are the some malfunctions that your car may experience.  A simple problem may turn out to be your biggest fear; don’t be too late!

Coolant Leaks.  This can happen in the cooling system.  They are easy seen by spraying, seeping, dripping or bubbling from the leaky component.  Engine overheating is the first sign.

Malfunctioned Air-conditioned Unit. Lack of refrigerant in the system is probably the main cause to this.  There’s a leak that needs to be recognized and be fixed in order for them to recharge the system.

Headlights can’t be turned on.   It is essential for the headlights to be turned on when driving at night time.  If it doesn’t work, then the headlight bulbs may have burned out.  If you drive more frequently at night, the sooner the lights will run out.

Engine vacuum leak.  This occurs when you are trying to tune an engine but will not run right.  You can immediately notice it with its hissing or whistling sound.  This type of hitch can cause “unmetered” air to enter the engine and may stress the air/fuel ratio.

Smoke in Exhaust. This means trouble! There can be three colour types of smoke that shouts something is not right.  Blue smoke tells that engine is already burning oil.   When the engine is burning the coolant or transmission fluid, then it releases white smoke. Lastly, black smoke indicates that the mixture of air/fuel is too rich due to a stuck automatic choke on an older engine.

These are just some of the issues that you are going to encounter with your car if not maintained properly.  Just like a human being, your vehicle also needs to go to a “car hospital”.  North Perth Mechanics is a reputable company in Australia.  They have the best people and the right gears to diagnose and repair your beloved automobile.